A New and Neighborly Trail

Great neighborhoods all have one thing in common — safe, accessible pathways that connect people to work, school, and places of community interest. This asset and its implementation are crucial for Central East Austin neighborhoods to continue to thrive…and with your help, we can make EastLink happen!

EastLink is a series of proposed improvements to connect 5.1 miles of pathways in Central East Austin – from Bartholomew Park to Edward Rendon Sr. Park at Festival Beach. Ultimately EastLink can become a treasured recreational asset, as well as an alternative to driving. This is a citizen-based initiative to repair old paths, and in some cases build new paths for pedestrians and cyclists. EastLink will help connect people to places in safer, healthier ways.

Benefits of EastLink Community Improvements

Restore neglected sidewalks, trails and natural systems along the corridor.

Creates many opportunities for environmental enhancements including erosion control, stream bank stabilization, invasive species removal, ecological restoration, wildlife habitat, and shade.

Connect people to work, school, and recreation while bringing the community together

Creates a continuous and identifiable “signature” pathway between Lady Bird Lake and Bartholomew Park, linking a multitude of places and people.

Increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists

Protected pathways and bicycle facilities will be added, while existing ones are repaired and enhanced.

Foster pride in the culture and history of Central East Austin

Creates opportunities for more art in public spaces and cultural/neighborhood-specific enhancements to preserve the history.

Encourage active transportation

Provides increased options for walking, biking, jogging, skateboarding, and other activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Neighbors can walk the loop in 60-90 minutes, and bike it in 20-30 minutes.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility

This project will ensure that the highest levels of ADA accessibility are met throughout the corridor.

Community Benefits Down the Road

  • Transportation network improvements

    Reduces vehicular congestion in the central area of the city by making travel by foot and bike a more attractive option for short trips.

  • Improved health outcomes

    EastLink addresses public health head on, including reducing childhood obesity, heart disease, etc., by creating an easily accessible route for walking and biking.

  • Environmental benefits

    Restores the ecological integrity of the corridor as the desired pathway improvements are made.

  • Community identity

    Reinforces the unique sense of place by celebrating and making visible both the human, and natural history of this corridor.